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Bitcoin continues its dramatic decline

Bym Abdullah

Jul 1, 2020

Bitcoin continues its dramatic decline

Al-Baitkween continues its dramatic decline Arab News, our distinguished visitors to provide a distinctive news content, to the satisfaction of our visitors and our keenness to provide news from its sources with all credibility and transparency through our website “Arab News – Your Way to Know the Truth”. News “Petcquin continues its dramatic decline” news on Monday, February 5, 2018 12:24 pm.& Continues its dramatic decline.
( – Your Way to the Truth) – Pitcairn has been flirting with the rest of the electronic currency on the international exchange market for days, raising fears about these virtual currencies and reminding us of being just a bubble that could explode at any time.
Last week, the Baitconi suffered great difficulties due to its decline in the market along with a number of other electronic currencies. It reached a value of $ 7,770 on Friday morning, down 15%, but it rose again before the end of the day. To nearly $ 9,000.
On Monday morning (February 5th), the value of the Pitcairn returned to a new low of $ 8000 to reach exactly $ 7,860 a few hours ago, down 4.13%.
We thank you, our dear visitors, for your follow-up and we hope that we will be as good as you always are. Baytkin continues its dramatic decline in the Arab News, where the news of the Betcouin continues to drop dramatically through our Arab News website. – your way to know the truth “to receive new news in a renewed and rapid news

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